Civics For Today Bundle

Bundle Includes:
-Student Workbook - 448 Pages (Write-in Softcover Textbook)
-Answer Key

Typical High School Course in Government and Economics = CIVICS

This is a basic civics text that stresses the importance of citizen participation in civic life and helps students understand how government at the national, state, and local levels works and how the economy operates.

The text provides easy-to-understand explanations of why laws are necessary in a society, how the political system operates, how the three branches of government at each level interact with the Constitution as a "living" document, how the free-enterprise system works, why taxes are necessary, the role of business and labor in the economy, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, how active citizens affect public policy, and what goes into the making of foreign policy.

Text features include:

+ easy-to-read narrative that explains concepts with examples familiar to today's students
+ focus on the importance to democracy of direct involvement in civic life through voting, volunteering, and keeping informed
+ guidelines to help students become informed participants in the economy
+ 'Ourplace' - a case study in each chapter to flush out key points, featuring a fictitious mid-size city
+ "Power of One" - a biographical feature in each chapter that highlights a real person from the past or present who saw a problem or need in a community or the nation and took steps to address it
+ "Let's Think" - section-end questions to review concepts and basic information
+ Chapter Summary that reviews key concepts
+ a variety of Chapter Review exercises, including multi-choice, matching, essay, and document-based questions (with the excerpts from contemporary and historical documents for students to analyze)
+ photos, political cartoons, maps, charts, tables, and diagrams that help clarify and amplify concepts.
+ highlighted key words that are defined in context
+ suggested activities
+ Appendix: glossary and index.



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