Essential US History Bundle

Bundle Includes:
-Student Soft Cover Textbook
-Answer Key

A very nice, thorough, easy-to-read and comprehend - one-year US History Course.

A Real Value beacuse of its price and equally impressive content!

May be used for an level High School Course (9-12)
or a credit earning Middle Level course

Essential U S History focuses on the history of the United States including the land and its people before it became the United States.
Its coverage begins with a study of major groups of Native-American culture through modern day.
Following the curricula of many states, this fully illustrated book is organized chronologically but with separate regional emphasis within each time period.
The text prepares students by giving them high-interest but comprehensive coverage of key events and themes in American history.
The book's sophisticated presentation works especially well with homeschool students.
It has been written and designed to facilitate instruction in any U S history class.



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