4th Grade Complete Curriculum Bundle - Standard

4th Grade - Half Way through Elementary!

We'll help you make this an outstanding year of homeschooling because your student will be utilizing:

   -A classic, grade level MATHEMATICScourse in a write-in workbook format is part of this year's course offerings. SAXON Mathematics Homeschool Bundle
This easy to use, grade level math course is written in a direct instructionstyle. No Common Core - Just Good Ole' Fashioned Arithmetic! We are including Student Book, Tests & Solutions Manual for a very fine - complete Math program! This courseemphasizes basic math skills and problem-solving strategies while providing asolid math foundation... exactly what your student needs to master math!

-Your SCIENCE  course includes both the book and answer key. This course/text includes beautiful graphics and an abundance of great illustrations. Many hands-on experiments and activities to help lock-in science knowledge are contained within  - with many of the experiments utilizing regular household items.  You'll be covering all topics in science from the life sciences to physical to earth & space including technology & design.
  - A SCIENCE FUN KIT is added to this year's science mixture as well.

-Increase Global Awareness while studying SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY using an awesome full-color, textcovering History and Geography with reading, writing, and thinking strategies integrated with map skills. Topic: Regions of the Country.
-ENGLISH GRAMMAR this year will be considered using a comprehensive  approach to English usage, grammar, and mechanics containing content-area  narratives, word study, and word usage. This course is our new addition to grammar, a workbook format with assessments.Also, you the teacher/parent will have an answer key  - Just for you.

-HANDWRITING is at the top of the list! Of course we'll be sending you one of the most popular traditional cursive programs available. A write-in workbook is used. How easy is that?

  -A phonics based SPELLING workbook for your student is on the menu for third grade. This is a full-color softcover workbook covering spelling and all topics surrounding spelling.
An answer Key with teaching strategies and ideas are all included. It's part of our package - To simplify your lives. Hey, we're here to help!

  -READING Reading this year is very student friendly! You'll receive a full-color workbook with a selection of reading skills and assessment features. It's a perfect program for your student to practice reading and study skills.
This course workbook also contains an answer key.

 -OH YES! Our Standard Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide.

Your 4th grader will be whistling Dixie!

5th Grade? Look out! Here comes little Johnny Homeschooler and he has a head filled with neat facts and figures!



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