Spelling Workout A Grade 1 Bundle


Bundle Includes:

  • -Student Workbook
  • -Teacher Workbook
  • -Parent Guide

With Spelling Workout, students can:
*Engage in cross-circular reading passages that introduce key spelling words.
*Master spelling words through riddles, puzzles, and fun activities.
*Practice spelling skills as they edit their own work using authentic proofreading marks.
*Review, reinforce, and refresh what they have learned throughout.
*Put their word power to the test with final reviews in standardized test format.
*Captivating, cross-curricular reading selections give students the opportunity to read spelling words in context.
*Proofreading exercises motivate students to correct spelling errors in their own writing.
*Questions help students understand the rules for the List Words.
*Writing activities offer additional opportunities for students to use new spelling words.
*List words represent common words most frequently used and often misspelled.
*Initial activities help students learn the new List Words and understand the spelling behind them.

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Teacher's workbook:
Includes sample sentences from each lesson containing the words for your student's weekly test. T

*Provides detailed lesson plans for either a 3-day or 5-day plan.
*Offers strategy activities for reinforcing and analyzing spelling patterns.
*Includes Dictation Sentences for a Pretest and Final Replay Test.
*Suggests tips for meeting the needs of ESL students.
*Features Take-It-Home masters to help foster home improvement.

Spelling Workout helps children progress their spelling ability in stages from simple sound/letter relationships to learning more complex word-structure patterns. The primary levels have a strong phonics base, while the upper grades shift toward study of word origins and vocabulary. Guided instruction is the key in the early levels while the upper levels use self-guided, independent study.
The Spelling Workout series will engage your child with crosscurricular reading passages that teach key spelling words. It provides spelling practice through riddles, puzzles, and interactive activities.
Spelling Workout utilizes a test-study method of teaching spelling. Your child will first take a pretest of words that have not been introduced. Then, under your direction, your child self-corrects the test, rewriting correctly any word that has been missed. Your child will study the words during practice exercises and then reassess
their spelling by taking a final test.


  • Published by: PEARSON EDUCATION


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