FUSION Module G - Grades 6-8 - Space Science Bundle


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Bundle Includes:
-Write-in Student Worktext
-Digital Parent/Teacher Interactive On-Line content
-Online Student Interactive Digital Curriculum

... built to address the unique learning needs of today's students. From the verbal visual format on every two-page spread to the critical thinking developed on every page, ScienceFusion provides
all learners with access to the content and skills required for science success.
ScienceFusion is a comprehensive print and digital curriculum solution that provides all the tools parents need to engage students in exciting, inquiry-based learning at every point of instruction. The effective, researchbased program is easy to implement and fun to teach and for students to use.

ScienceFusion is designed to provide students multiple ways to learn and apply a concept or a skill using inquiry. The program helps students develop inquiry skills through curricula created specifically for digital, print, and hands-on environments.

Homeschool kits for ScienceFusion contain an interactive student worktext plus (grades 1-8) the Online Student Interactive Digital Curriculum and Online Teacher Digital Management Center (one year subscription).

The Student Edition worktext challenges students to ask questions, think critically, and make informed decisions. The engaging visual elements draw students from images to bold text to content text.

The dynamic digital lessons will make science concepts come alive for today's students. ScienceFusion provides unique digital lessons for each concept to use alone or to support print materials.

For grades 6-8, we offer 11 modules, each covering a key life, earth, or physical science topic.

-Cells and Heredity
-The Diversity of Living Things
-The Human Body
-Ecology and the Environment
-The Dynamic Earth
-Earth's Water and Atmosphere
-Space Science
-Matter and Energy
-Motion, Forces, and Energy
-Sound and Light
-Introduction to Science and Technology


Student Worktext
-Lessons begin with Essential Question and Engage Your Brain activities
-Active Reading, Visualize It, and Do the Math activities guide students through the lesson and aid understanding
-Lesson review activities check comprehension, apply concepts, and promote critical thinking

Teacher support for digital lessons, Video-Based projects, and Virtual Labs
The Online Teacher Digital Management Center is designed to make it easier for you to access all of the program resources-teacher and student-to assist you in planning, teaching, assessing, and tracking your student's progress. ScienceFusion offers parents 24/7 access to targeted/ research-proven, resources giving you the flexibility to pick and choose the right resources.
The Teacher Digital Management Center offers you a professional quality management tool to ensure your child's success in science.

-With simulations, animations, and video/ the Student Interactive Digital Curriculum is designed to be flexible so that you can assign the most appropriate parts for your student.

Unit 1: The Universe

Structure of the Universe
The Life Cycle of Stars

Unit 2: The Solar System

Historical Models of the Solar System
Gravity in the Solar System
The Sun
The Terrestrial Planets
The Gas Giant Planets
Small Bodies in the Solar System

Unit 3: The Earth-Moon-Sun System

Earth's Days, Years, and Seasons
Moon Phases and Eclipses
Earth's Tides

Unit 4: Exploring Space

Images from Space
Technology for Space Exploration
History of Space Exploration

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