Basic 6th Grade Homeschool Bundle - Full Year

Basic Bundles include basic materials - not a lot of fluff.

Basic Bundles, for the most part consist of soft-cover - write-in style texts and workbooks.

We have compiled the best publications we can, at the lowest price possible - all bundled together to save you $ - complete with a weekly schedule to assist you.

ALL THE CORE COURSES ARE HERE! and for some that's all they want.

-MATHEMATICS - 1 for each semester - a set of full-color workbooks for learning Math entitled: Focus on Math by Harcourt. 6 full color workbooks covering all the subtopics of mathematics from problem solving to measurement to word problems, fractions, ratio and more! Answers are included.
And - Math Concepts and Problem Solving. Student Workbook. Answers are included.

-SCIENCE -Student workbook - Life Science by Pearson Education - a Science course on basic biology, animal sciences, plant life etc. Answers included.

-SOCIAL STUDIES / HISTORY: A full-color workbook entitled; 'World Cultures', a historical look at World History and Geography by Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt. Answers included.
-And... A CD-ROM on Ancient Civilizations- with printable worksheets, activities, photographs, maps and lots, lots more! Answers are included.

LANGUAGE ARTS encompasses the following materials:

ENGLISH GRAMMAR utilizes a 2-color workbook concentrating your student's learning on the elementary skills of language. This workbook covers all forms of grade-level Grammar, Usage and Mechanics. Includes: Answer Key.

SPELLING & WRITING - A full-color workbook to master the skills of Spelling and Writing at this level - Spell & Write This is a bright, colorful, workbook by Evan Moor Publishing. Answers Included.

READING - Reading Skill Sharpeners - A very nice full-color workbook by Evan Moor Publishing. Answers Included.

-READING - 3 book set of workbooks - Full Color - from Novice to Advanced levels. Reading enjoyment is nurtured through high-interest content.

-ALSO: a Full-Year suggested schedule for the core courses!

Basic bundles contain the bare minimum materials to meet Federal/State requirements. Parent/teachers should understand that students need to have additional and supplemental activities added to his/her school day for better understanding and final mastery of the topic(s) presented. Grade 6+ basic bundles are typically not suited for a 4 year University-bound student.

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