Reading For Comprehension Level E Grade 5 Bundle

Bundle Includes:
-Student Workbook 2-color - 62 Pages
-Answer Key

Thousands of educators have come to rely on our Reading for Comprehension series to build nonfiction reading skills, reinforce academic content, and prepare students for state tests.

+High-interest nonfiction titles convey the latest information in most subject areas - social studies, science, geography, the arts, and more.
+Open-ended, cloze, and multiple-choice assignments for each article build reading-for-information and test-taking skills.
+Writing assignments include narrative/descriptive, persuasive, and expository writing.
+Reinforces critical thinking skills like main idea, sequence, compare and contrast, cause and effect, character analysis, analogies, and inference.
+One title each at 11 reading levels, from Level A to Level i (Grade 8).

High-interest nonfiction articles that reflect current information on science, social studies, and other disciplines.

Open-ended questions include all comprehension skills.
Writing assignments cover the three most important types of writing
Writing assignments require critical thinking skills such as
Main idea
Compare and contrast
Cause and effect
Character analysis

  • Published by: CONTINENTAL PRESS


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