5th Grade Complete Curriculum Bundle - Standard


5th Grade? Already?

Wow! Our students are growing up fast!

They have to be ready for those challenging mid-level classes.

We'll make sure that he/she gets some great materials for this school year in our standard package containing:

-A thorough, grade level MATHEMATICS  course, printed in two-colors, presented in a well written workbook  format wherein we also provide a great Solutions Manual to assist  Mom or Dad. The Teacher's manual gives needed insight into difficult topics - just in case your student requires a little help with some sticky concepts of Math at this level. Constant reviews of previously learned topics and some challenging new ones for those quick learners.  It's all here! The whole enchilada!

-SCIENCE  this year will be studied using Science Daybook and ScienceSaurus Student Handbook by Great SourceAnd of course...we always include a full answer key.

BUT WAIT! That's not all that we have included for 5th grade science.
Oh-No...A really cool...
SCIENCE KIT for your student is here too! Included to help make science fun & educational!

-A ride on a U.S. History timeline is what our students are going to be taking this year.

SOCIAL STUDIES / HISTORY will cover all the core topics of American History from the beginning to our day today. Students will be using a full-color workbook series - 2 workbooks - each with inspiring photos, maps, graphics and activities as well as complete biographies of famous men and women who helped shape our great country. An excellent Constitution study and present day guide to the Constitution is part of this course. This series has been very well received by our families since it's first being published and continues to be a homeschooling favorite.
Answer Keys are provided too.

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR course in a 2-color worktext format is included as part of the Language Arts Course selection which covers all forms  of Grammar, Usage and Mechanics. This workbook comes complete with  not only student activities, but also assessments.
Both a colorful student workbook and an answer key is included for complete understanding of the English language.

A WRITING supplement is included as well. Writing/Composition skills will be worked on in a workbook format with all the answers included.

-"A homeschoolers delight" is how one mom described our SPELLING course/workbook. This course uses a write-in workbook format that covers much more than just spelling. Homonyms, Synonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes...you get the picture. This course incorporates correct spelling, definitions, application, and word usage. A Teacher's Manual is provided. A manual that even includes sentences for the instructor to use while giving the weekly test. Just what the doctor ordered for Mom or Dad.

-READING COMPREHENSION is part of this package for 5th grade as  well. We're including a full-color workbook to masterreading skills - especially when it comes to understanding what your students is reading and the ability to comprehend the main idea, the details and necessary information. Of course, an answer key is included.

 -OH YES! Our Standard Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide...

Your 5th grader will be on top of the world!

Well...maybe on top of his/her grades anyway!

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