Math In Focus Singapore Math KINDERGARTEN Bundle


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Bundle Includes:
-Student Workbooks - Volume 1-A & B & Volume 2-A & B - Full Color - Softcover
-Teacher Editions - Volume 1-A & Volume 1-B - Full Color
-Math Manipulatives - Virtual Manipulatives CD-ROM
-Assessments for Both Semesters

For Kindergarten: consumable Student Books Part 1A, Part 2A, Part 1B and Part 2B are provided instead of Student Books and Student Workbooks.

Math in Focus Singapore Math
<b>Consolidating Concepts and Skills for Deeper Understanding</b>

<b>Hands-On Activities and Explorations</b>

Math in Focus embeds problem solving throughout a lesson using visual models, strategies such as model drawing, and multistep real-world problems. Applying Concepts and Skills Builds Real-World Problem Solvers

Each 'Learn' portion of the lesson is followed by opportunities for deeper understanding through extensive practice, hands-on work in pairs and small groups, and communication and reflection activities.

The Instructional Advantages
Within lessons, from chapter to chapter, and from year to year, instruction follows the concrete to pictorial to abstract sequence so that students understand the 'how' and the 'why' of the math they are learning.

Build a Solid Foundation
Math in Focus combines the Singapore approach to math with a configuration that is easy to use and understand.Available for Kindergarten through 5th grade, Math in Focus is the United States edition of Singapore's most widely used program.

Carefully paced instruction that focuses on teaching fewer math topics per year to a level of mastery
-Consistent use of visual models and manipulatives that carefully bridge the concrete and the
abstract-encouraging algebraic thinking, facilitating communication of math ideas, and solidifying learning
-Instruction centered around problem solving using multiple models to help students visualize and
understand the math concepts
-Ample practice for continuous ongoing assessment

Program Contents
Volume A is designed for the first half of the year, and Volume B is designed for the second half.
Teacher's Editions contain complete program support, including Chapter Overviews with math background,
cross-curricular connections, and a planning guide. Student Books allow for age-appropriate and mathematically sound practice, assessment, and development of problem-solving and thinking skills. Assessments, which are available separately, provide a clear picture of student progress.

<i> "The entire presentation in Math in Focus really challenges students to think much more deeply about mathematics than do most other programs. Students can't just breeze through the lessons. Students who grasp concepts easily will likely do very well with this program.
For students who struggle, you might slow the pace and take more time with the concrete and pictorial lessons as well as offer extra guided practice.
I suspect that Math in Focus will quickly become a very popular option among homeschoolers.
- Cathy Duffy " </i>

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