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Program Components

Student Resources

  • Student Edition Interactive Worktext (Print)
  • Student Interactive Digital Curriculum (Online, 1 - year)

Teacher Resources

  • Teacher Digital Management Center (1-year)
  • Grade Level Assessment Guide (Print)

Three-Dimensional Investigation

How can your students experience science like never before?

HMH Science Dimensions AR for grades Kindergarten a?"Grade 5 is science curriculum designed specifically to address the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS). With the shift in standards, it can feel overwhelming to make the best choice for your students.

HMH Science Dimensions consists of everything your students need to DO science, LEARN science, and OWN their learning. Students build confidence with authentic investigation and are more engaged. They will learn to conduct hands on investigations, define, questions and objectives, and-in short, take charge of their learning! 

Online Student Interactive Digital Curriculum
Online lessons provide students the opportunity to view videos and animations, interact with instructional images and text, enter responses, pursue their intellectual interests by choosing lesson paths, and enjoy simulation-based learning.

Deep-Sea Food Web - Exploring a Deep Sea Ecosystem
You've learned about how plants on land use energy from the sun to change matter that isn't food into matter that is food, and how that matter moves through a food web. But what happens in places
where there is no sunlight? Scientists have discovered that there are organisms in the deepest parts of the ocean that survive without sunlight. Watch this video to learn more.

While scientists may have used submarines in 1977 to explore deep sea vents, you can now see what they saw from your digital device. Select the videos so you can observe the organisms that live around deep sea vents. Then, use what you've discovered to model a food web of this underwater system.

Print Teacher Edition and Online
Teacher Digital Management Center
The Teacher Edition, available in print and online, includes 3D Learning Objectives, utilizes
the 5E Instructional Model, integrates engineering, and incorporates English Language Arts and Math Connections. Online, the HMH Science Dimensions Trace Tool and Professional Learning videos support teacher planning and the shift to the NGSS.

*Next Generation Science Standards and logo are registered trademarks of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor
the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the
production of this product, and they do not endorse it.

Assessment Guide
Formal assessment questions aligned to multiple dimensions provide you with a complete picture of student understanding. Available online, in print, and in an editable Word format, the assessment guide includes Beginning-of-Year Tests, Unit Pretests, Lesson Quizzes, Unit Tests, Mid-Year and
End-of-Year benchmark tests, and Performance-Based Assessments.

With HMH Science dimensions, your students will have everything that they need to do science, learn science, and own their learning. Students will be exploring, investigating, and engineering, integrating multiple concepts into each activity and lesson.

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