Power Basics: Biology Homeschool Bundle

Homeschool Bundle Includes:
*Student Text
*Student Workbook
*Teacher's Guide, Answer Keys, Test Pack

A course in the basics of Biology.

- Grades 6-12

The Power Basics curriculum, designed for middle and high school students, features essential textbook content, in an updated, easy-to-use format. Power Basics is organized into manageable instructional units that build proficiency and mastery in the core curriculum areas: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The practical books provide the essentials of the science curriculum: earth and space science, biology, chemistry, and physics. In each book, learners build literacy and critical-thinking skills that enable them to interpret, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize scientific information--and apply these skills in their daily lives. With manageable step-by-step lessons, clearly defined examples, controlled vocabulary support, and frequent practive and review, your students will gain confidence in what they are learning.

Power Basics Biology 2nd Edition

* Explores the six kingdoms of life, human anatomy, and cell biology
* Dissects the dynamics of living systems, including evolution, ecosystems, the structure of organisms, and the functions of living things
* Reaches all students with high-interest content at a low reading level
* Meets National Science Education Standards
* Helps students prepare for standardized testing

  • Published by: WALCH


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