Social Studies Homeschool Package Grade 6


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Grade 6

Ancient World Through the Renaissance 

 Program Components

Student Resources

  • Student Edition Interactive Worktext (Online, 1-year)

Teacher Resources

  • Teacher Digital management Center (1-year)

Student Experience

HMH Into Social Studies delivers high-quality content giving students the chance to think and act like historians. The context explore the past and present, inviting students to tackle questions about our global community.

Student magazines deliver exciting, inquiry-based learning through:

  • Unique format ensures every student is motivated to learn across a wide selection of grade-level topics.
  • Hands-on activities with every lesson.
  • Bite-sized content that introduces a new experience each day.
  • Digital and print materials offer students multiple formats to learn.

Teacher Experience

Teacher's Guides are written by trusted reading experts that understand how students learn. The four-part cycle of Introduce, Teach, Connect, and Assess supports each magazine spread with content and language objectives, scaffolding, suggestions for teaching content, skills support, and opportunities for assessment.

Teacher Guide

  • Objectives meet social studies content and ELA standards.
  • Includes suggestions for integrating print and digital components, explicit vocabulary instruction, reading and skills support, differentiation option, performance tasks, and assessments.
  • Online Teacher center provides supports for instruction, utilizing both print and digital resources.


Assessments for each magazine are available as downloadable PDFs and are reproduced with answers in the Teacher's Guide. Available assessments include: Student magazine assessment, Lesson Assessment, End-of-magazine assessment, and more.

HMH Into Social Studies was built in partnership with Kids Discover


Program materials include the following:

Student Materials: Consumable Student Magazines include motivational, nonfiction topics, with compelling questions, features, and activities.

Teacher Materials: Online Teacher Access (1-year) provides a digital version of the Teacher Guide. The Teacher Guide includes suggestions for integrating print and digital components, explicit vocabulary instruction, reading and skills support, differentiation options, cross-disciplinary links, performance tasks, and assessments.

Student Magazines include the following titles:

* World Geography

* Climate & the Environment

* World's Early People

* Mesopotamia

* Ancient Egypt

* Archaeology

* Language

* Ancient India

* Ancient China

* Olmec & Maya

* Ancient Hebrews

* Ancient Persia

* Indian Empires

* China's Empires

* Great Wall of China

* Early Greeks

* Greece's Golden Age

* Early Romans

* Roman Empire

* Christianity & Rome's Legacies

* Early Middle Ages

* Vikings

* African Kingdoms

* East Asian Civilizations

* Aztecs

* Incas

* First Americans

* Byzantine Empire

* Muslim Empires

* High/Late Middle Ages

* Renaissance & Reformation


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